Other published writings 



1. Articles


2. Shorter published pieces including book reviews


      Review of Michael Goheen, 'As the Father has Sent Me, I am Sending You': J. E. Lesslie Newbigin's Missionary Ecclesiology, Uitgeverij Boekencentrum, 2000, published in European Journal of Theology, 11:2, pp. 161-162.

      Review of Rowan Williams, Lost Icons: Reflections on Cultural Bereavement, T & T Clark, 2000, published in the International Journal of Systematic Theology, Vol.3, No.1, March 2001.

      'After Newbigin: Two English Colloquiums', in New Slant, (New Zealand), April 1999.

      'The Gospel and Our Culture: Theological reflection', in the newsletter of The Gospel and Our Culture network in North America, 10.2, 1999.

      Review of Lesslie Newbigin, Truth to Tell: The Gospel as Public Truth, 1991, published in Diolog (1993) and in Stimulus (May 1994).

      'Agenda for kiwis'. Published in New Slant (newsletter of the Gospel & Cultures Trust, New Zealand); reprinted in The Auburn Report, Australia, Feb. 1994.

      Review of Mike Riddell, Godzone: a Traveller's Guide, published in Crosslink, newspaper of the Methodist & Presbyterian Churches in New Zealand.

      Review of Michael Medved, Hollywood vs America, 1993, published in Diolog, newspaper of the Anglican Diocese of Wellington.

      Observations on worldviews and commitment, published in the newsletter  Gospel & Culture (U.K.), 1992.


Shorter published pieces also include 1,000-word 'Gospel & Culture' contributions to IDEA magazine: 'Good, Evil and War' (May 2003), 'Righteous Means to a Godly End' (July 2003), and 'Embracing Responsibility, Discovering Hope' (January 2004), and 'The Fall of Man' (July 2004).


Since Spring 1999 David Kettle has edited the Gospel and Our Culture Network newsletter which is published three times a year. Among the pieces written for this have been:


      Knowing God, Knowing our Culture (issue 59, Autumn 2010)

      Faith, Freedom and Illiberal Liberalism (issue 58, Summer 2010)

      Health and Salvation + On Cultural Transition (issue 57, Spring 2010)

      Emergent Church Emergent Unity? (issue 56, Autumn 2009)

     Survival, fitness and beyond (issue 55, Summer 2009)

     On 'the clash of civlizations' (issue 54, Spring 2009)

     Trust in the Market (issue 53, Autumn 2008)

      Trust in the Market (issue 53, Autumn 2008)

      The Ecology of Community (issue 51, Spring 2008)

      The Changing Face of Secularism (issue 50, Autumn 2007)

      Faith, Historical Identity - and Consumerism (issue 49, Summer 2007)

      A Problem Like Maria (issue 48, Spring 2007)

      The Culture of Blame (issue 47, Autumn 2006)

      Beyond Christendom Spirituality (issue 47, Autumn 2006)

      In Service to Health? The Rhetoric of Choice (with Anne Kettle, issue 46, Summer 2006)

      Apologetics: confronting two secular ideas of faith (issue 45, Spring 2006)

      Beyond retrieval (issue 44, Autumn 2005)

      'Vague faith' or 'vague Christianity'?: shifting perceptions of popular belief (issue 43, Summer 2005)

      Mockery, Protest and Debate (issue 42, Spring 2005)

      Liquid Church for Liquid Modernity? (issue 41, Autumn 2004)

      The Culture of Feelings (issue 40, Summer 2004)

      The Distracted Public (issue 37, Summer 2003)

      Faith in Public (issue 35, Autumn 2002)

      Consumers and Legislators (issue 31, Summer 2001)

      Dark Materials? (issue 30, Spring 2001)

      On Finding Personal Worth (issue 25, Summer 1999)

      On Being in Control of Your Life (issue 24, Spring 1999)