Work in progress: February 2011

In December 2010 my book Western Culture in Gospel Context was accepted for publication by Wipf & Stock under their Cascade imprint, and will become available for purchase in the course of  2011.

This book is part of a larger work which I have found it necessary to divide into two. The second work is a more philosophical theological elaboration of the key ideas in Western Culture in Gospel Context. I am writing this as a second book with the working title In the Deep Context of God. For further details, see below.

I am also turning my Grove Booklet Beyond Tragic Spirituality: Victimhood and Christian Hope into a book of 40,000 - 50,000 words. I am working on this task with two co-authors.

David died before this could be finished. He requested that the book be made available in its incomplete form so that others may be able to carry it forward. ~ James Kettle


In the Deep Context of God

The whole book (.zip)